Observatoire Multidisciplinaire des Instabilités de Versants

La Clapière landslide endogenous event catalogs

More than 50000 events have been detected in the data recorded by the La Clapière seismological antenna since its installation in November 2010. A pseudo-automatic programme has been developed in order to detect, classify, and locate these events.

Most events are rockfalls located in the most active zones. There are also micro-earthquakes (inside rockslide) and external earthquakes. Catalogs noted as preliminary may slightly change, mostly for events classified N.

It is also worth noting that the first antenna (CLP) was installed in the centre of the active zone. It has therefore been recording very local rockfalls (close to one sensor), some of these rockfalls being very small. This type of events has been quite difficult to distinguish from local noise and has therefore been classified as N.

Events are classified as:

  • R: rockfalls. These signals last for several tens of seconds up to several minutes and show similar amplitudes on all channels.
  • Q: microearthquakes, with shorter duration varying between about 0.1 sec and 10 sec. They can be distinguished from external earthquakes by the absence of distinct P and S wave and by the smaller apparent velocity (about 2000 m/sec compared to 3000 to 4000 m/s for earthquakes located several km away from the rockslide).
  • S: earthquakes, located further than a few km from the landslide. They can be recognized from local events by their larger apparent velocity and by distinct P and S waves.
  • N: events not yet identified.

Below are the available catalogs:

YearFromToNb EventsStatus
2010Nov 01Dec 311426Complete, validated
2011Jan 01Dec 183502Complete, validated
2012Jan 01Dec 319731Complete, validated
2013Jan 01Dec 3114171Complete, validated
2014Jan 01Dec 3113803Complete, validated
2015Jan 01Dec 317664Complete, validated
2016Jan 01Dec 317600 (to be validated)Complete, not fully validated
2017Jan 01Jun 212551Near-real time, complete, validated

Plots obtained using the above catalogs, along with rainfall and displacement (click to enlarge):

Last 365 days: number of endogenous seismological events per day, along with OMIV rainfall and displacement data

Note that displacement data recorded after june 2014 is not currently available.

Similar plots for past calendar years: 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015.

Recovering event data

Event data (miniseed or full SEED) can be recovered: