Observatoire Multidisciplinaire des Instabilités de Versants

Overview of seismological data status, as of October 2014

Production of seismological data deliverables, as of September 2014

Continous data processing

Continuous data is available in SEED format through RESIF up to April 30th 2014, for all seismological stations on the Séchilienne, La Clapière, and Avignonet landslides. No data was made available to ISTerre for the Super-Sauze landslide since October 12th 2010.

Response to earthquakes

Working on the migration to a new method that will make use of the continuous SEED data available on the Resif datacentre, and allow users to make their own requests.

Endogenous event catalogs

Near-real time catalog available for the La Clapière landslide here.

The seismological network at the Avignonet landslide does not allow to produce similar results, but a technical report is being written based on the analysis of 2012 and 2013 Avignonet seismological data.

Seismological data flow

From the field digitizers to final data deliverable distribution showed below.

For further questions, please contact Mathilde Radiguet (e-mail: "firstName"."lastName"@univ-grenoble-alpes.fr)